Thursday, August 3, 2017

10 Ways We May Use Flipgrid and SOME!

This year in the library, we are going to utilize not only technology but this amazing tool called Flipgrid! You can access at or you can download the Flipgrid app on any device. In the library we are going to use Flipgrid a lot when it comes BOOK REVIEWS! You all will start to record your book reviews and have other people respond to your review as well as see your review when they are interested in a book you have read. 

Our first BIG BOOK REVIEWS will be found by entering the code bluebonnet or follow this link. These books are going to be our 2017-2018 Texas Bluebonnet Books that you all will be voting on later this year! We have a lot of copies in the library, so come on down to check them out. 

I will constantly update this page with other grid codes, and activities that we will be doing throughout the school year. 

Grid Codes
#1 - Texas Bluebonnet Books 2017-18 - bluebonnet
#2 - 2x2 Books 2017-18 - 2x2